Malá Skála

A sommer resort in the valley of Jizera river under rock massif Vranov. The village has been mentioned since 1432. On the slope above right river bank is found Seccession mansion, originally a stronghold of Valdštejn family from the 16th century. On small wood cemetery was buried native of Malá Skála writer woman Jarmila Glazarová (1901 - 1977). The dominant of village is Vranov ridge with remnants of Gothic castle founded 1414 by Heník from Valdštejn which was romantically converted into a rock Pantheon at beginning of the 19th century. There are also viewpoints, numerous interwined paths cut in the rock, small bridges, caves and memorial tablets. In the village are unique folk timbered buildings from which the most known is Bouček estate with restaurant and gallery. Near above Malá Skála rises the rugged ridge of Suché skály (Dry Rocks) called "Bohemian Dolomiti".

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Malá Skála from PantheonMalá Skála from Pantheon
Malá Skála from Pantheon
Vranov rock ridgeVranov rock ridge
Vranov rock ridge
Folk architecture of MaloskalskoFolk architecture of Maloskalsko
Folk architecture of Maloskalsko